[Company Profile]

[Ferðakompaníið - the Icelandic Travel Company]

The Icelandic Travel Company was founded in November of 2000. The organization has accumulated years of knowledge and expertise as our staff has many years of experience in the field. We are a multi-cultural team from Iceland, France, Holland and Morocco.

Some of us were once newcomers in Iceland, which gives us the advantage to be able to look at Iceland through our customers´ eyes. We are convinced that without passion it is useless to work in tourism.

We organize and develop projects with our heart and soul greatly affected by the rugged beauty that surrounds us. In spring 2011 we launched a website for our french speaking customers Destination-Islande and in January 2012 Iceland-Like-a-Local was introduced as a part of our brandnames to serve our english speaking clients looking for a ready made product or an idea for a holiday in iceland.

[Our vision]

The requirement for quality.

Superior quality and great value is what we offer to our customers. We aim to offer the most competitive deals, to share our unique expertise and resources with our customers and to do everything in our power to make their experience in Iceland unforgettable.

The expertise of specialists.

Vision, knowledge and experience give us the ability to organize almost any kind of trips with a wide range of services. Professionalism and cooperation with our affiliates, in Iceland and abroad, create synergy and are the key to our successful offers and our customer´s confidence and satisfaction.

The passion for traveling.

Passion and the fulfillment of traveling is a vision to be found in the diversity of our international team. We follow another perspective in organizing our trips and believe that our customers satisfy their passion for traveling far away from mass tourism.

The emotions of adventure.

Icelandic nature is a synonym for adventure in combination with a unique and all inspiring nature. Iceland is situated close to the Arctic Circle where the wilderness, volcanoes, glaciers and just a few inhabitants are a promising dream for all kind of adventurers.

The respect for nature and culture.

Iceland is a sparsely populated country with a precious and fragile nature. Icelanders are the bearers of a precious and deep rooted culture and live in close relation with the surrounding elements. To respect Icelandic nature and culture is to respect the key element that makes Iceland one of a kind.

The discovery of a very special world.

Thanks to nature there are not two islands like Iceland in the world. The combination of a location on the active volcanic ridge as well as direct above a hot spot has resulted in an explosive cocktail of very strong and unique landscapes where fire and ice meet each other, where water is everywhere and where the light is simply divine

[Our services]


* Individual GPS backed trekking tours
* Car rental with self drive tours
* Individual family tours with Living Diary Discovery Box™ for children
* Accommodation in Reykjavik as well as in the countryside
* Day tours
* Custom made travel packages
* Expedition support Iceland and East Greenland


* Trekking tours with or without backpacks
* Camping tours
* Tours in sleeping bag accommodation
* Cross-country winter tours on ski´s or snowshoes
* Hotel based walking tours
* Icelandkids family discoveries with Living Diary Discovery Box™ for childre
* Incentive and special interest tours
* Mountainbike discoveries
* Special interest tours
* Expedition support Iceland and East Greenland

[Our office staff]

*Bertrand Jouanne - Manager
*Edwin Zanen - Product Development, marketing and guide
*Stefanía Dröfn Egilsdóttir - Bookings
*Matthieu Saillant - Product development, special groups and guide
*María Guðbjörg Bárðardóttir - Bookings, individuals
*Myriam Bishop - Individuals, special group and guide
*Kristján Pétur Vilhelmsson - E-marketing, private tours and guide
*Hassan Boutarhroucht - Logistics
*Þorbjörg R. Hákonardóttir - Bookings
*Julien Ratel - Individuals
*Loïc Björn De La Forest - Individuals
*Benjamín Jósefsson - Accountant