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Incentive, Company Groups, Meetings & Events

Ferðakompaníið - the Icelandic Travel Company has over ten years successful experience of operating a countless number of events, incentives and leisure tours for groups of all sizes and interest.

What we empathise on, is the following:

These are key-factors needed to create unforgettable programs adjusted to each and every customers need in the exotic surroundings of this magnificent volcanic island in the middle of the Atlantic which also can offer all the luxury and comfort required for high end requests.

With only about three to four hours flight from Europe and the east coast of the United States makes it an excellent meeting point for cross Atlantic events.

We get our inspiration from Iceland's unique nature and our mission is always to make your visit an unforgettable stay.
Reykjavik, the capital of Iceland, can for an example, be the base of the incentive tour, offering excursions away from the city, and facilities for conferences and meetings
For smaller groups we strongly recommend a stay in one of the small hotels based outside the city and closer encounter with nature which has one of its kind in the world
We have built and developed our expertise, offering a range of customized tours for groups of different sizes, for a wide range of clients, including magazines and other media organizations. We tailor-make programs suited to your wishes to meet the needs of your demand. We guarantee a quick response to your request.